Worst game this year

User Rating: 1.5 | Bionicle Heroes PC
what the hell were u thinking LEGO , by leting such a crapy game in the market. the graphics - the models ar nice but the enviroments lacks details. Repeated enemy models and enviroments makes it a dull waist of time. Sound is crapy u can only here some minor music and dumb, lame noises. The story-line is nice, but it was beter in the lego magazines than in crapy game-engine-based cut scenes. The gmaeplay is the worst. u need 6 buttons to control the whole game, for lil lil kids its ok but from a normal perspective there is nothing what to do in it. U have 5 robots, but 1 with the spray gun is enaugh to run through levels with the fire button pressed down. In conclusion a very bad game, eventhough it's for younger players , the makers of the game made a crapy game, most Flash based games have more depth than this CRAP.