Jack's review.

User Rating: 7.8 | Bionicle Heroes PC
Bionicle Heroes has you play "Bionic" lego characters which is similar to the Lego Star Wars games in that you collect massive amount of small lego parts as you blast and explore your way through the game. It you've ever played with Bionic lego then this game is most likely for you.

One thing to note first is that this is a game that targets younger gamers (10 and up) but older people can still enjoy it. The music most of the time is soft and seems like it has a happy melody during gameplay. Also there's no blood or swearing so the E10+ rating assumes this game is intended for younger people. I still have not fully completed the game but it keeps you busy with tons of levels, upgrades, unlocks and bonus material that will having you playing for 15+ hours. In the sound department, in game music is average, usually changing depending on what is going on. If you're fighting a boss the music is more intense and faster and where you're just exploring it's softer. Weapons actually sound quite well and most of them have a unique sound.

Bionicle Heros has you move through a variety of levels with different environments and levels are for the most part varied with lots of ground to explore. As you progress through the game you will find suit upgrades for your Bionic Hero and each suit has a distince color and weapon. Each suit serves a different purpose in which you will need to switch suits in levels to get to a certain place. The green Bionic suit gives you the ability to jump to high places that you can't get to with any other suit.

Graphics are well done, expecially your Bionicle and enemy Bionicles are nicely detailed and animate like a lego robot shoud. Level design is average and could have been more detiaied.

Overall Bionicle Heros is a worthwhile game, or if you like that kind of third person shooter or if you've played Lego Star Wars and you enjoy collecting hundreds of thousands of lego pieces everywhere you go and anything you shoot. The game has its downfalls but its worth checking out. If you own a console its definatly worth a rental for pretty much anyone who enjoys third person shooters, realistic or not. - Jack Sadza