Who ever thought having a graplin hook for an arm would be so fun?

User Rating: 8.5 | Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top Secret NES
Gotta love the good ol NES. Back when games meant something.....im just messin. Ok for anyone out there who has never heard of this game and calls themselves a gamer, take this time to smack yourselves. One of the most challenging and best looking NES games out there. Gameplay is on par with the greats like Metroid as this game will keep you on your toes at all times. Your misson, to save Super Joe at all costs from the bad guys(who resemble Nazis btw). Along with your grapling hook arm and your very large assortment of weapons and items, blast or sneak your way through the game's many levels stretched out on a world map. There are a few "towns" or "safe zones" as they call it, but watch it, dont open fire or the police will drop out of the sky with paracutes and rip you a new one. Great game to have in your collection and certainly one of my favorites.