Anyone else thought the plot was awesome?

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Seems that in a time when game companies reconstruct cliches in every game they make and most endings are predictable, Binary Domain came along with something fresh and unique. I really liked the plot and there is no way you could of possible guessed it. If the RPG elements would have been done a bit better it would be a solid 9 in my view! Visual style was awesome, facial animation was on point! Explosions were a bit weak in bass but sound was ok overall.

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YES It is!! love the romance elements they put in it

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like the game, but it could have been better optimized, anyway a solid 8 is the least it deserves.

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Better optimized is an understatement. It runs my GTS450 Palit like setti @home. Might even burn it up, by the time it's done. :/
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I liked it.It had a mix of SF and romance.Althou they kinda took the machine giving birth to a powerful hybrid from Battlestar Galactica 2003,they managed to keep it nice.OFC at the end the betrayal of your country was predictable but the last battle was nice.Pity that you coudnt influence the ending based on your trust lvl i mean BO turns against the major cuz he trusts you.

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Yeah and the characters were good aswell, I'm going through it again now