A very good game from Sqare should not be unnoticed. Thankfully, it is not.

Kingdom Hearts arrived as a bright new concept from SquareSoft. Teaming up with Disney, SquareSoft brought characters from Final Fantasy, and mixed them with Disney characters and some sharp new characters.

The story is set mainly on Sora, and an even deeper meaning of friendship. As Sora, you will meet up with Donald and Goofy, and use your Keyblade(a magical sword-like tool) to seal the many Keyholes that are spread throughout the Kingdom Hearts world.

One of the most spectacular things about this game is how well all of the worlds are designed to resemble how Disney originally created them. The worlds in this game are all very different in their own right, and each have a certain feel to them. Halloween Town is very dark as opposed to the Winnie of the Pooh(not a world, but a sidequest you'll most likely end up completing) book being very inviting.

The combat is based on free-roaming action. You'll hack and slash your way agsint enemies and bosses. You'll ocassionally use magic, but expect to mash the "X" button most of the time. Though this can get repetitive, it does not really detract from the game in any way.

With a much deeper storyline than at first glance, Kingdom Hearts deserves to be in every Playstation 2 owner's libraray. Expect a 30+ hour quest as you discover the mysteries behind the Keyblade and try to rescue a lost friend.