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YOU'RE WINNER ! Big Rigs is a game that has taught us all the true meaning of what it is to win, when you utilise the power of the Rig to slow your opponent to a halt and make the laws of physics your slave. I can think of no better game than this for those whose lives are off track. Big Rigs teaches you that the track is meaningless, offering you limitless exploration through any obstacle in your way and encouraging you to step off the map altogether as you please, into a world of nirvana known only as the GREY VOID. Never forget what the Rig can do for you, embrace it and you have reached your true potential. YOU'RE WINNER !
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Big Rigs Over the Road Racing owns every single game ever made.

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Yes it does YOU'RE WINNER !
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Yes it does YOU'RE WINNER !EJ902

we should create some BROTRR facts as Chuck Norris facts.

Big Rigs is best game ever made,

and is more fun than getting laid. :P

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The sad thing is people went and bought the game just because of the review and how bad the game is.. because they wanted to see for themselves how crap it is.. which is why they are still making games today.. shame.
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This game saved my life.
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This game gave me hope when hope was gone, it gave me strength to journey on,
What's this game?
What's this game?