Can the makers of Heavy Rain do it again or does it fall flat on it's face

User Rating: 7 | Beyond: Two Souls PS3

Many remember Quantic Dream for the PS3 Exclusive Heavy Rain well they are hopefully gonna try again to deliver another unique experience but is it one you shall remember.


The story revolves around Jodie having an entertey called Aiden who can do certain things and mess around with certain objects and people and she wants to know how she was given the gift and why


The game itself has you controlling Jodie through key parts of her life from like Youth,Teen and Adult. The problem being though is in some of those phases you don't really know where the game is going or what it is trying to tell you it will only occur probably later in the game to know where the plot is going.

Also like Quantic Dreams Heavy Rain you have button prompts to tell you what to do and also dodging mechanics which at times can be hard to know what direction your supposed to dodge sometimes. The game also has different outcomes like Heavy Rain but don't really seem to add much to the story apart from the ending when there is a few different outcomes.

You can play this game alone or in Duo mode with someone else controlling Aiden but it seems pointless. As Aiden he can help Jodie,protect and find things she can't see and even tamper with things. The other big thing is you can't really die in the game unlike say Heavy Rain which in certain scenes you could.


The game looks really good the characters some look even like they do in real life. The cast is very good with Ellen Page and William Dafoe delivering top performances for their respectibe characters. The scenery looks goodd for all weather conditions and other situations in the game.

Overall Opinion

The game as a whole is okay but it is not one that is worth mutiple playthroughs because there aren't hardly any extra scenes if any for other playthroughs. It's not a bad game but it's only about 10 hours long and doesn't seem to have much replay value apart from the different endings but that's if you can be bothered doing that scene again to get a different outcome.

Overall Score 7.2



I don't think you made it clear enough what's opinion about the story and it's characters, particularly on the physical and emotional journey of Jodie and Aiden. Did you like it or not? How much and why? Because, although subjective, that seems to me to be the main component of this interactive-story game.