yeah , I know it does not matter , but , anyone really like the control scheme

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 I am just wondering since HR which I thought they made the real sales from being a sort of unique concept , but , was the use for the filling up of x's and o's necessary ? where you're spidering the controller like a fool ...

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I hated the controls in BTS even moreso than in HR, sometimes I was fighting the controls and not the game.

Really bad design choices regarding the controls.

Also the combat is counterintuitive, needlesly difficult, lacks feedback, and you only succeed when you do what the game wants you to do, no choice whatsoever, not even the illusion of choice.

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Yup, worse.

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look for that "dot" and then SHAKE,BUTTON & ROLL if I could only get some kind of comunication going with that crazy hand jive I would be all set , too much like a chore , I don't think it was at all necessary to continue on with it ?

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Using the right analog stick in combat instead of the face buttons was a smart design choice. During the combat sections in Heavy Rain, I would pay too much attention for on-screen button prompts. In Beyond, you have to pay attention to Jodie's actions, which indirectly means you have to pay attention to the fight.