This tight review embargo has me worried

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A tight review embargo is almost always a bad sign for a game. If the game Quantic Dream had any confidence in how Beyond would score they would have lifted the embargo. Allowing early reviews  to be released if your game is good will do wonders for the all-important launch sales. The fact that we're  inside of 24 hours until launch and the only review available is a mediorce out of Findland is quite disappointing. I played the demo and enjoyed myself but this silence on such a high-profile Sony exclusive has me nervous.

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They could have their reasons. In a way it only affects pre-orders or day 1 sales. Personally I am waiting for some reviews since there is too much uncertainty about the finished product.

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I know I'm buying it, played the demo and it kind of reminded me of indigo prophecy

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@porkchopxp: I finished my first play through and am finding a second needed. It wasn't a bad game at all in my opinion. 8/10 is my rating for it here on GameSpot... even though it looks like a 0.8/10 because the stupid scoring thing is messed up.