Just played the Demo... Discuss?

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What did you guys think?  So far, I'm asking myself - What the hell happend Quantic Dream?  Your last games Fahrenhiet and Heavy Rain were not master pieces but they were dam close.  They were beautiful, and the stories were riveting - up until the point they completely fell apart - but the games were so ambitious that i forgave them.  I felt like if David Cage teamed up with a decent writer that they could come up withs oemthing really compelling. 


So far the story for BEYOND has me fairly turned off.  It seems really like silly fantasy with the whole ghost / supernatural angle, it seems very much like video game material, and not the mature storylines that Heavy Rain and Indigo Phrophecy had.  


This game seems a bit too melodramtic and too over the top serious.  I thought the controls were confusing and a step back from Heavy Rains, even though they were similar.  It was hard to tell when you could control the character, and when you couldn't, what you were "allowed to do" and what you werne't.  It was very trial and error, and it wasn't intuitive at all. Tons of invisible walls for no reason.  The last two games got a lot of critcism from people that they were interactive movies, and while I didn't TOTALLY disagree, i did defend the games because they had a lot of choice and freedom to explore.  


This game howeever, truely feels like they took a movie, and FORCED it into a video game, with the equivalent of PUSH X TO ADVANCE THE FRAME... it didn't feel natural at all, it made me feel silly actually.


Can you tell I'jm disappointed??? Because I'm so **** disappointed!!!! I was unsure before, but after playing the demo it pains me to say im not sure if im buying this game or not.  I really want to support Quanitic Dream so I will probably just buy it anyway in the hopes they will make better games...  but i think this game might o freally missed the mark for me.


What do you guys thinK?

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It's hard to say with what limited demo we got to play. We don't know the whole story so the flow is going to be completely different in the game. This demo was more of the gameplay we can expect while playing to be honest. The controls feel close to what we had in Heavy Rain, in my book that's kind of a bummer because I didn't like so many QTEs where you need to hold like 5 buttons down to progress the action. I have this pre-ordered but I am considering cancelling it. I don't know.... I almost wish it was just a movie instead of a game. I'll have to play the demo again to make sure I'm not missing something.

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I just can't see that controller skeme ever catching on ? most everything about it is ackward ! the melee is just plain silly

 and the ah ah nevermind ? I like the story somewhat because of difference , but , I don't consider it exceptioally fascinating , the way sci-fi has come along in the past 10 years this is just another who outwitted who in another chapter of craziness ...

 I am getting the game so I had better not say much more hahaha

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I Beat the game in 10 hrs....I was highly addicted to Ellen Paige's character..She is the whole game.She's always getting screwed and you feel bad for her.The story is good but got to Sci Fi for me....The homless scence was much more my taste.You have to play this game though.You can't just not play it....but you also shouln't buy it...Just redbox it