Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is incredibly thin, but still fun to play.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the latest edition in the Guitar Hero series. A spin-off in the series that chronicles the band's history. While the game's price tag suggests that Aerosmith is a new game, it really just feels, looks, and plays exactly like Guitar Hero III. Which also means it's pretty much exactly like every other console Guitar Hero game in the series, except even more thin. Aerosmith takes up the majority of songs on the small setlist of 31 total songs. Aside from the 31 main songs that can be played, you can also purchase Aerosmith songs and lead guitarist Joe Perry's solo music in "the vault". "The Vault" is pretty much the game's store where you can buy new outifts for your characters, new songs, and new instruments, as well as video content. While other artists that are either similar too, or, are personally admired by Aerosmith themselves, are on the main setlist. Only about one half dozen Aerosmith/Joe Perry songs can be purchased in the vault, which is extremely lame. As far as extra content, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is very weak. There is virtually no personal customization in the game. You are forced to play with the handful of characters available and forced to pick from the hand full of apparel for each of them. The game does support online play via Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection. Several game modes can be played online including Battle and Co-op mode. Graphically, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is not a good looking game. When you are not playing Aerosmith's songs you will be playing as the original Guitar Hero band line up. And these guys are as stiff and empty of passion than ever. The animation is robotic and character models are stiff. The audience is also quite ugly looking. Each of the crowd members all do the same motion at the same time, and all of them look nearly identical. When you play Aerosmith's songs you get to play as Steven Tyler and the band. The character models for Aerosmith look smilar to the guys, but still very unimpressive.

So while Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is lacking in value and graphics, it's still a lot of fun to play. If you're a big Guitar Hero fan and not much of an Aerosmith fan, you can still like this game. Personally, plenty of the songs from the third Guitar Hero and Rock Band were garbage to my ears, but still fun to play. It really all comes to down to how much you like Guitar Hero and how much you like Aerosmith. If you're a big Aerosmith fan, you'll most likely love this game. If you despise Aerosmith, you'll probably dislike it. As stated before, Aerosmith is not the only featured artist. About 10 other songs from different artists also make the list. The Kinks, The Clash, Lenny Kravitz, and Cheap Trick are a few to make the cut. But even the songs from the other artists sound similar to that of Aerosmith's work. I personally don't like Aerosmith too much. I don't think they're absolute crud, but you won't find a single Aerosmith song on my ipod. That said, I have enjoyed Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. This is probably the easiest of the Guitar Hero games I have played. Skilled Guitar Hero players will want to start off on expert. Everyone else will find the right difficulty for them. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a good game, but it simply isn't worth the full price of admission. I do recommend you wait for a price drop or rent it if you already have a guitar that is compatible with the game on your Wii.