Little things do matter

User Rating: 8.8 | Beyond Good & Evil PC
Few things in this game could've been changed and improved to *easily* make it get a 9+ rating and become a classic. I personally would've put a Reviewer's Tilt of 10 instead of 9, to push my average score from 8.9 to 9.2. But I personally can't give a tilt of 10 to a game where my alter ego "brings back to life" an NPC, after the NPC was dead (just me and resurrection in games), *especially* when that NPC happens to be a "talking pig"! Furthermore, that talking pig happens to be a main character in the game, and unfortunately it seems that part 2 of "Beyond Good & Evil" will revolve more around him! Other than that, I would've easily given it a tilt of 10, to make the average 9.2. The story of this game is innovative enough (set aside the "talking pig" part), and very immersive. I absolutely loved the immersiveness in it, especially because it is one of very few games out there today that has "emotion" in the twists of the story and the events. And I keep going on about the "talking pig" part not just because it is a pig, and not just because it is a main character, but also because the developers spoilt some of the best emotional scenes in the game by making them revolve around the darn pig! He's supposed to be my "uncle" in the game? Jeez! I'm really so annoyed especially about spoiling the emotional scenes around the pig. Anyway... Some action parts are done extremely well, and with the music can easily make you feel the thrill that you may feel with certain action movies. I actually played one of its action scenes twice in a row, just because I liked it too much. It was one of the best action short levels I've ever played in my whole life, with the music, the slow motion, and all. Some of the more emotional scenes and twists might make you smile and feel attached to the NPC that follows you the most in the game, Double H. I absolutely loved this guy, very great voice acting, and very decent animation to back up the excellent voice acting. I would easily recommend this game to any female gamer, and would recommend it to male gamers who are into adventure games. I would also say it is worth the money, whether for buying or renting. However, you can finish the game in about 25 hours, and it may have a slight replayability value if you really like it, so put that in mind when deciding to buy.