Betrayal at Krondor Cheats For PC

  1. Duplicate Items

    First, you need at least two stackable items and a place to store them( not a bag). Then you fill up the stash with all the items that it can hold, then remove one of them. Put one charge/unit of the item you want to duplicate into the stash. Then put one more of that same item into the stash. The game will ask 'how many'. Select the highest amount.

    Contributed by: Mr Knowitall 

  2. Get all Chapter Items and Heal Fully

    First, go to the overhead map and hold down ALT, RIGHT SHIFT and the ~ button for a few moments. At this point, a chest will appear which contains every item you need to finish the given chapter. you will also be able to heal your Characters at this point. Each chapters' chest requires a code for access. They are:

    Code Effect
    6478 Chapter 1
    9216 Chapter 2
    7702 Chapter 3
    2132 Chapter 4
    5052 Chapter 5
    0680 Chapter 6
    0194 Chapter 7
    4743 Chapter 8
    9995 Chapter 9

    Contributed by: DarkKnight114 

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