Excellent Popcap game a must for anyone!

User Rating: 9.2 | Bejeweled 2 Deluxe PC
Bejeweled 2 improves vastly from the first in numberous ways.. from different modes of play to improved graphics and music/sound.

Gameplay: easy to pick up and play. The added bonuses makes Bejeweled more fun with the 4 jewel lineup making a powered jewel, and a 5 lineup making a nice weird blob that kills any colored jewel swapped with it. If you have played the first, you know there is a point increase sure.. but nothing more than that. Bejeweled 2 makes that more of a "need" than just an added point bonus. Sound: improved greatly from the first game. Even a level completion is more satisfying due to increased sound effects, and the music is just stellar and more vivid than in the first game.

Value: lets see.. non-ending game.. with modes of play.. = endless replay value.

Tilt: a superb game.. 10 straight up.

This game even works extremely well via STEAM :)