Much better then the original.

User Rating: 9.4 | Bejeweled 2 Deluxe PC
This new Bejeweled Deluxe is alot better then the original that was released for PC a few years back.
It has a lot more to offer then the first one did.
Not only now you can collect jewels but you can also use special Gem weapons to help you make your playing experience and gross points even more exciting then the original did.
There is even more modes in the game to explore that set the stage for a very good board game. Strategy can also be included into this game because there is now a game mode where you have to use your head to figure out what legal Gem matching is there in order for you to advanced to next world.
The music is brilliant and lasts for a pretty long time while you are in a game session, and the sound is well done.
Transition effects from board-to-board are also excellent and neat to see as the backdrops in every level/world is also extremely well done seeing it like a real landscape, only you are viewing from your screen.

This game deserves an excellent rating because Bejeweled is one of the m ost popular games ever made by PopCap and will even interests those who have not played it before and are looking for great action board games to see and play.
This game can really reel you in the more you play it just like the other Bejeweled games do such as the Network Multi-Player game for Mobile.