Best RPG I've ever played so far. It is not a perfect game, some cons when compared with DA:O. But I enjoyed it.

This is the best RPG I've ever played. BioWare is amazed me with all these games I've played of them so far.

Dragon Age 2 is a very good example. It is hard to compare with DA:O. I think that they are more thing improved than worsened when compared with the previous installment.

I liked the story because of the twists during the game, the strong relationship you develop during the story and how decision can change the course of the story.
Some mechanics have changed compared with previous installment, some for good, other not for so good. But the sum of good changes are far than the sum of worsened.

The graphics have improved notoriously.

The score is more of the same. Outstanding.

The game runs smoother in the PS3 when compared with previous installment in the same console.

The almost 40 hours I've played this game was absolute amazing. I couldn't down my controller. I had three days playing this game without stopped. One of the things worsened is the scenarios, some dungeons and places repeat several times during the game. Previous installment has more complex dungeons,

I very glad for having played this game so far. I almost missed it.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for reading.