Beautiful Katamari Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Code Effect
    Find 10 Cousins. 10 Cousins (5)
    Collect 10 Presents. 10 Presents (5)
    Obtain 100 Cookies. 100 Cookies (5)
    Roll up 20% of the Collection. Collection 20% (5)
    Make a katamari that's 30cm or more! Mini Katamari (5)
    Play online. Online Roller (5)
    Complete 3 Requests. Request x 3 (5)
    Complete 6 Requests. Request x 6 (5)
    Make a katamari that's 1m or more! Small Katamari (5)
    Make a katamari that's 5m or more! Sorta Big Katamari (5)
    Find 20 Cousins. 20 Cousins (10)
    Collect 20 Presents. 20 Presents (10)
    Make a katamari that's 30m or more! Big Katamari (10)
    Roll up 40% of the Collection. Collection 40% (10)
    Play online 10 times. Frequent Online Roller (10)
    Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage. Quick Turner (10)
    Hint: Zip through the course with Dash. Speedy Roller (10)
    Find 30 Cousins. 30 Cousins (20)
    Collect 30 Presents. 30 Presents (20)
    Roll up 60% of the Collection. Collection 60% (20)
    Make a katamari that's 500m or more! Jumbo Katamari (20)
    Hint: Running into walls will destroy your katamari. Manic Roller (20)
    Complete 9 Requests. Request x 9 (20)
    Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once. Non-stop Roller (30)
    Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects. Responsible Roller (30)
    Obtain 1,000 Cookies. 1,000 Cookies (40)
    Find 40 Cousins. 40 Cousins (40)
    Roll up 80% of the Collection. Collection 80% (40)
    Play online 50 times. Resident Online Roller (40)
    Complete all Requests. All Requests (60)
    Make a katamari that's 10,000km or more! Colossal Katamari (60)
    Download stages and find all Cousins. All Cousins (80)
    Download stages and collect all Presents. All Presents (80)
    Download stages and make a katamari over 1,500,000km. Astronomic Katamari (90)
    Clear all stages, and then do each (of the possible ones) on time attack. Katamari Perfectionist (100)
    Rolled Up 100% of the Collection. Collection 100% (80G)
    Completed Requests 100 times in Normal Mode Katamari Fan (40G)
    Played for 50 hours. 50 Hours Playtime (40G)
    Played for 100 hours. 100 Hours Playtime (80G)
    Complete 200 requests Katamari Lover (80)
  2. Snowball fight

    Gather all the cousins and bring them to the snowy island. Release them and press "A" to make a snowball. Throw it with "A" at a cousin, then dodge when they retaliate. If the snowball hits another cousin, they will also try to hit you. If you keep dodging, they will keep throwing snowballs until either you are hit or nobody is hit.

  3. Unlock eternal mode.

    Get 100 points on a level to unlock eternal mode for it. Now you can just roll around with no time limit or goal.

  4. Formal Outfit

    To unlock the Formal Outfit present, collect 100% of the items. On most cousins, it resembles the king's clothes.

    Code Effect
    Obtain 100% item collection Royal Outfit

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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