Bayonetta is a action game masterpiece.Although graphics issues are seen in the PS3 version,it does not affect the game.

User Rating: 10 | Bayonetta PS3
Bayonetta is a truly masterpiece of action games which beats all. A wide array of weapons, wide range of combos and the aerobic dodge makes the game perfect.

There are about 50 combos per weapon combination,excluding changing weapons during combos.There are about 10 weapon combinations(at least),leading to the ultimate combo in the game.

As they say,Bayonetta is a game to be mastered.I truly agree with that.Achieving Pure Platinum (highest ranking) in every chapter is a tempting goal to score and acheive,although it is impossible.

Boss fights are interesting especially during the witch fight.It means that you will have to battle someone who has the same ability as you,can dodge your attacks and combo you.

About the graphic issues,the game screen may tear and frizzle during battles but this does not affect the gameplay at all. It is recommended that you use 720p instead of 1080p to obtain better graphics in Bayonetta.

Loading times are patched by Sony and the "extremely long loading time" issue is out of date.