Not my style of game, but it does offer a new type of combat for the button-mashing crowd.

User Rating: 7.5 | Bayonetta PS3
The demo is interesting, to say the most. There is so much action going on, that it's hard to know what you are fighting most of the time, so it simply turns into a button-mashing festival. Overall, combat felt and looked like a combination of Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. The combos were easy to pick up in the tutorial, except for the gun combo. This was easy to learn in the tutorial, but I had a very hard time getting it to work in the main game.

The visuals are ok. Everything is colorful and glittering with a decent musical score. It would have been helpful if there was more help and guidance as to what the rings/halos were for and how to read the HUD. I wasn't confused by any means, but it could have been done better.

It simply could not hold my attention long enough to keep me interested, as it was a task of running around and killing everything in my path.