Sega finally came through with a nice new game~

User Rating: 8.5 | Bayonetta PS3
Intro: Having playing what seemed like 2 days of non-stop action, Bayonetta did remind me of Devil May Cry but with a hotter chick. Comparing this game to DMC is wrong since it have a brane new fighting technique and system to it. Enough talking and let's get this review over with already.

Story: The story is about a generic lady who forgets who she is and come back as a nun and reads from the bible before, ohh no my brain just shut down. Just a minute i need to get my thoughts back before i go on. . .
Okay to be fair, Bayonetta does have a nice story to it, everything keeps unveiling as you go (like every other game i have played). All you need to know is you get to murder and butcher Angel's in the weirdest way there is, literally.

Gameplay: Unlike most button mashing games out there right now, Bayonetta has a very good and fantastic way to kick ass, you can do the following to your enemies (Butcher them with your kick gun - use your hair to unleash devestating finishers - evade the moves just as the angel is about to hit you - turn into a semi-small tiger/cat just to prance around like a girl). So many ways, so many things used to kill the monsters around you.

Design: Bayonetta's design is actually very good, you can see the level of details shown in this game, to the small pots you can trash around and break it, to the small amount of blood that comes out of the monsters. Actually and honestly, the design is just like DMC, just a tad better of course.

Long-Lasting Appeal: Even after finishing it the first time, you would want to go back to it just to have better ways to bash the monsters in. More devestating weapons/moves/acheivements to get.

Presentation: The game, like every other game out there, have a couple of flaws to it, especially the camera, you can adjust it to the back of Bayonetta with the L3, sadly while you're in a fight and surrounded by monsters, it gets kind of hectic to dodge. There is parts where you will truly love this game and some hate *Driving part. . .*. Overall this game is a must have and one that will keep you playing it for weeks. Edit: Love the Outrun Refrence stage and of course Space Harrier!


Story: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 9.5/10
Design: 9/10
LLA: 8.5/10