Excited school boy turned into a bored old man.

User Rating: 6.5 | Bayonetta X360
I picked up my own copy of Bayonetta about two weeks ago, and hearing and seeing all the hype about this game, I was extremely excited. I popped open my tray, and started the game up. Getting into the game, I noticed two things, the difficulties: Very Easy, Easy. and Normal. Not knowing what "Automatic" meant under both the very easy and easy difficulties, I went right to normal. A screen popped up and displayed the controls. A to jump, X to shoot, Y to punch (I think), and B to kick. Right there my hype went down a bit, this game was not very complicated at all.

After playing for 15 minutes, I knew exactly what this game was. Combos showed up during loading screens, but there we so many, more than a Street Fighter game really. So 30 minutes in, my original hype for this game went WAY down. I started calling the game "The smash Y and B game" because thats all you really need to do. Boss fights are challenging especially ones with the first dragon boss. You will meet four total bosses through out the game, and then face them all again before the "pre-final boss". After an hour or so, I decided to see what this automatic option was, so I switched the game to very easy. Automatic apparently means auto dodging which will give you almost unlimited "Witch-Time" after every hit attempt by an enemy. So...overall, all this is, is another hack-and-slash game.

After a while, you reach a mission where you get to drive on a motorcycle. Fun right! Well, not so much. The level is extremely repetitive and its like the road and tunnels are stuck on a loop. The level drags on for much too long, but it does end eventually. This is sadly how it is for most levels. Kill this guy, take his weapon, kill this guy, destroy this wall, repeat. Not much variation in the game. no puzzles,side quests,or anything the deviates from the storyline. Its just one kill after another after another...for 6 hours.

If you like hack and slash games, then RENT this game. Notice i said RENT. Why? Because this game has no replay value what-so-ever. You can play it over again on harder difficulties. But really, whats the point? Your just doing the same thing again. Yep, thats it. I ended up completing the game in about 6 hours...a good way to waste some time.

The game is comprised of 16 chapters all from 15-30 minutes each depending on if you get stuck in an area or cant figure out where to go (happened a few times, such as when you first raise the statues to get witch time in the city, I didn't know you could move while the statues were up.) Like I said before, the game has no replay value, but it does have leader boards if you care about anything like that.

So on to the shop. After every chapter, you have the option to go to "The Gates of Hell". Also known as the store. You can buy new moves and alternate weapon skins as they become available. First off, buy all moves. Weapons skins are a waste of money. You can also buy potions and buffs, also a waste of money. Another way to get some of these buffs, is after every chapter you will play the mini game "Angel Attack". Get points buy shooting the angels. 5 points per kill, 10 points for a double kill. You can get buffs with these points, and exchange the rest for halos, 1k for 1 point.

Graphically, this game is amazing. The camera angles are great (most of the time), the flow is amazing, and all movements are smooth overall. It really immerses the player into the world more and makes you feel like your doing a lot with just a few button mashes. Oh yea, did I mention the hot chicks too? :D

Well, I guess thats all for this game. Main points of this:

1. Hack and slash Game
2. RENT, RENT, RENT this game. DO NOT buy it.
3. If you do buy it, please dont waste a whole $60 on it, try and wait to find it used somewhere. There are no "special grab bag" items that come with a copy of the game, so theres really no harm in waiting for the price to go down anyways.

And if your wondering about total playtime for this game: 6 hours 5 minutes 10 seconds.

Well thats all for this review, look forward to more soon!