Simple and effective.

User Rating: 7 | BattleTanx N64
While not an "awesome" game BattleTanx is still a good game. The storyline is very familiar and leaves much to be desired, mostly just rampaging through levels with little thought and strategy. Multi-player on the other hand is a blast. While "capture the Queen" is the only game type worth playing it has quite a bit of re playability. It is best enjoyed 2v2 or 1v3 (with computers). Gameplay: Worth playing the single player one time through but after that multi player is best. Boring storyline that has been way over used makes it hard to keep playing.

Graphics: Not the best for the N64 but not that shabby either.

Sound: Simple and to the point sound effects that do get repetitive and annoying over time.

Value: Worth my 7 dollars back in 1999 if you see it at a pawn shop feel free to grab it up.