Worth a Try.

User Rating: 7.4 | BattleTanx N64
Lets see where to start. This is my first review so it might not be too good. Well, theres 3 tanks to choose from, The Goliath Tank, The M1-Abrams, or the Mototank, each with their own weaknesses and strengths. The Goliath is the boss in this game, it has the biggest mass and firepower. The M1-Abrams is the balanced tank, with reasonable speed, firepower, and defense. The Mototank is the weakest. It has low defense, low firepower, but it is the fastest and sometimes hard to hit.

Now on to gameplay, The game responds well and you won't have to struggle to fire or use a item with that button. The analog stick for moving also is very nice because you wont have trouble getting where you need to go.

As many people have stated before, Single-Player Story Mode is a little bland, and sort of repititve, but its good for a while. Basically the story is your Griffin Spade, and your going accross America to find your wife that gave herself so that you didn't die I believe. So you get a army of followers who help you, in some levels, kill the other tanks while either crossing a bridge or saving Queen Lords.

Now, as again many people have said before, Multi-Player is what makes this game shine. You can play for a long time with friends without noticing it because your havin so much fun. Theres a good variety of modes too, such as the Annihilation mode where your team has 5 tanks nd you have to kill your enemys 5, or maybe BattleLord where you have to steal their Queen Lord.

The graphics are defiantly nice too, the tanks look very well done and not slacked off on. The buildings look a little bland or maybe repititve, but you'll be blowing them up so much you wont notice. Also how the weapons move is very well made too.

The sound is a little bland, but it does suit the mood rather nicely I would say. The weapon sounds are ok too.

The re-play value of this game is very high, you can be playing this for years and not forget about it. The multiplayer will make you want to stay up all night.

My Final thoughts about this game is its a good multiplayer with a slightly bland 1-player story mode. But it is probably a renter first, then you probably will want to buy it.

I hope this has helped.