User Rating: 5 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
As most of us know, this game is a sequel to the beloved Battlestations: Midway, which we all had well over 20 hours of gameplay on. It was probably the most fun and realistic naval combat RTS out there. BST: Pacific looks really nice and shiny in the beginning, with it's new improved graphics and lots of new features. Eidos manages to improve almost everything to the maximum...Until you start playing. Before you read this next section, note that you many actually like this system of gameplay, so therefore disregard this part and get out there and buy it. Anyways, when I first started playing the first Japanese campaign mission, (where you can actually swing the war toward the Japanese side) I thought, wow, this looks pretty cool. And then I started noticing how much more HUD there was than Midway. You could simply point a ship's turret at another ships fuel tank a mile away and let loose. There is almost zero skill required for naval combat. I breezed through the mission with ease, basically trading ships with the AI, whatever ship having the bigger guns winning. You don't have to lead the ship either. It's just point, aim, press right trigger. Wellah. While the massive explosion does look cool when the ship splits in half and there's cool Japanese music goin' on, It's like, this took no skill. A 6-year old could've done this. The one thing I did like about it was air dogfighting, which has been greatly improved upon Midway's buggy system. You can send planes down to the waves with your six 50 caliber machine guns on your U.S. Navy F4F Wildcat or IJN A6M "Zero." Leaving smoke trails and pretty flames, It's a strong point of the game. There is also an option for cockpit view, but it's a shame none of the gauges work inside. Another thing that annoyed me was the dialogue. Every time somebody gets shot down, which is quite often, they have to scream "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH", or "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK, SIR!" It definitely wanted to make me turn the voices down. It is also repetitive and extremely annoying when playing the Japanese Navy, because instead of your kamikaze yelling "For the Empire!" they just say the normal dialogue. That bummed me. Despite all the goods, the thing that let me down the absolute most was the multiplayer gameplay. It was TERRIBLE. Even with the ability to capture island and hunt your enemy from beneath the waves, a few units and concepts will ruin your game experience. In island capture mode (the mode everyone plays) you are given a certain amout of CP (command points) in which you can make any unit you wish. O.K. sounds alright so far. Then you engage the enemy. Air battles rage, ships point and shoot at each other, and then something dies. What now? Oh, the points have IMMEDIATELY returned to you to make another unit. That means as soon as something dies, just spam some more. This system means it is nearly impossible to capture an island. It is mindless killing that ultimately leads to nothing but back-and-forth slaughter at each other's bases. If you actually manage to win it is because you have unlocked this unit: the TBM Avenger. It is fitted with what is called the "Tiny Tim Rocket" which didn't come until the end of the war. It's a kick-ass rocket that annihalates anything in a few hits. Yamato class battleship with 18" guns? 3-6 hits with Tiny Tims. No problem. Enemy Base on Multiplayer? 3 hits. Each squadron has 3 planes. That means one squadron of these snuck in will take out your HQ. Pretty stupid. Even though this game has goods, you could rattle off the bads for hours. The Bottom Line: Eidos took almost everything good from Midway and made it a dumbed-down shoot-em-up action game full of mindless slaughter. If that's you, get this game. However, it is not me. Hope this gives you some insight. Cheers, all. -ComradeGiraffe :)