Although it has a steep learning curve you will master the controls in two or three missions.

User Rating: 9 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
This game is probably the best simulation for WW2 fans who aren't flying aces, fleet commanders, or sub simmers (for lack of a better term to describe people really good with submarines). Even if you are really good you will find the casual hypertension of the game to be superb. It puts you in the driver's seat without ever making you feel overwhelmed.

Air combat in the game is okay but it is the part that really puts the learning curve over your head. You have to control planes with the mouse. I used to be a "stick jockey". I needed my joystick to fly. I barely managed the first mission because I kept on crashing. However, you like me will learn quickly.

Battleship combat is the game's strongest point. It is easy to masted and it is always a thrill to see a ship bowing up before your eyes. The intuitive targeting interface allows you to "point and shoot" without worrying about angles and such. You always have to remember to straighten your rudder though because if you don't your ship will circle.

Sub combat is the game's weakest point. I wouldn't say that sub missions are boring though. They keep my heart beating nice and fast. However depth charges are overly powerful and a single run can destroy your sub. These missions often take multiple tries and are the most difficult in the game.

Overall the campaign is satisfying, not too long not too short. I would say that the American campaign is easier though. I think that the Japanese campaign is harder because after the battle of Midway the game developers got carried away and made the missions unrealistic in the name of not being too easy. Overall the game deserves a 9.4 but since 9.5 is too much I'll be a critic and give it a 9.