What it was like...

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
...back in the day. It takes a bit to master the tutorial. i couldn't resist the opportunity to see if I could prevent Pearl & Cavite from happening.The What If? factor intrigued me to purchase this. Would the jets of Japan made the kamikaze unnecessary?Would nonadherence to the code of bushido prevented the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Imperial troops?True,the game is dumbeddown to sell but,it is the only one available to address a sadly missing ww2 experience. I haven't tried multiplayer & don't know if many servers/players are on.However,the solo campaigns have infinite variety & I don't have deal with those who have no concept of G1,G2,G3,& G4.I might suggest an interesting patch addition of adding Radio Intelligence,Magic decryption,& cryptanalysis by adding OP-20-G,Station Hypo,Station Cast,Bainbridge Naval,Singapore,& Darwin.Now,if I could only get Fletcher's Task Force to Wake in time.