After a few days, I couldn't help but send it back to gamefly.

User Rating: 6 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
First off if you loved the first, you will most likely enjoy this one. Some things are dumbed down from the first. People that have played the first will be able to tell. I played the single player for about 15 min and never played it again. You are forced to stay in one unit the entire mission. Some missions require you to fight in a plane, some make you sit on a boat and other make you sit under water in a sub. This gets boring very easy. To me this game shines on Multiplayer, that is if it had anyone playing half the time. If you start playing this game this late, you will either find A.) A holes who think they know everything about the game. or B.) people like you and me, who are just got the game or just there to enjoy a friendly game. Unfortunatly A and B don't mix so don't be suprised if you get hateful messages in your inbox because your team lost. But lets skip ahead to the fun part...

In Multiplayer, you can control Planes, Ships and Subs all at once. You are limited by command points based on how many are on your team. The only game that people play now is Island Capture. So for this you are obviously not going to bring out a capital ship in the beginning. Choose Landing Ships because they are fast and capture islands quickly. Once you have done that the fun begins. It's all about strategy, everything has a weakness so memorize it. Fighters beat bombers, bombers beat islands, subs beat ships, etc... Like rock paper scissors but it isn't limited to that. You can take on anything with the right strategy. Even with all of that, after a few days playing it got boring, everyone plays on the same maps and same modes. Graphics aren't exactly Gears level. More like high end xbox graphics. If you can find it cheap and you like it, buy it. Otherwise, give it a rent and try it.