Battlestations: Pacific is an innovative but somewhat lost, game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
Technical- The game looks pretty good, but it could look better... and run better. You need a pretty powerful computer to run this game for how it looks - in short, it's a bad port.

Gameplay- Battlestations: Pacific is a pretty innovative game in a way that you can change between a plane or boat (among others) on the fly. But the game seems lost, as you will probably still be learning the controls by the game is done, as it feels it should have been much longer, and could have been so much more. The American campaign only picks up at the last mission, and even then it feels uninspired. The mission objectives can sometimes be confusing, as they are not explained properly, or they just have bad scripting. The game also has a major flaw in that a lot of missions: (quote from Gamespot) "plod along to slowly". Half the time you are staring at a slow moving battleship just eagerly waiting to get into range of your poor enemy lesser ships who stand no chance. This destroys what could have been a FUN game.

Sound is great, firing those big 18" guns (or whatever, feel free to correct me) can be pretty satisfying, and firing a torpedo as a carrier speeds to avoid it can raise the hairs on your skin.

Conclusion: Don't think this is at all a bad game though, and it is worth a play-through. The blend of strategy and action is a breath of fresh air, as long as you have something else to do while your fleet is traveling.