An excellent overhaul of an already excellent game.

User Rating: 9 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
Most definatly worth the wait. I got this game on release day and i have not stopped playing it since. Il start with the single player though because i have not even played it online yet such is the brilliance of the campaign. The first thing that stands out about this title is the sheer amount of vehicles, that and what really makes it for me-the cockpit view. As a kid i played continuesly on my old zx spectrum and i was an avid flight sim fan so the new cockpit view all on its own makes the game for me. The US campaign is now joined by a Japanese campaign, both quite long and indepth to the point where i think itl warrant another play through just to open up the things iv missed previously (and there is alot iv missed), that and the fact that im more or less using this play through as a practice run. The controls have been tweeked though i sometimes think not for the best but thats about the only criticism i have and im sure as i play it more il overcome that.

The voice acting has been critised as poor but to tell the truth it does not really detract to much from the game and in my opinion it isnt really that bad. The sound is absolutly amazing and i recomend buying a 5.1 system just to hear it in all its glory. Theres so much i could say about this game but can't for spoilers obviously. Il update this review when iv played online but a friend of mine said that it does crash alot but as i say i have not partook in an online match yet so can not comment. The first game (battlestations midway) sat amongst the rest of my collection for sometime and was played quite often and can see this title staying put for a while to. It really is a credit to Eidos. Everything has been tweeked for a more realistic experience, the new vehicles, their anarments and the new naval supply feature is brilliant (though confusing at first).

All in all id say get this game, it isnt easy and takes alot of patience but patience will reward you with an experience you wont find anywhere else on the 360.

As promised iv now had a chance to play online so will give you a few thoughts about this. Before i start though i have found one problem with the game that whilst minor is abit annoying and it is....loading times. It takes forever to load but il forgive it because i suppose that much detail and choice isnt going to be quick and as they say "good things come to those that wait". Multiplayer then. Firstly i have only played two modes but again il update as i play more. The two iv played are siege and island capture, siege involves one island, one invasion force and one defending force. Both teams start with a set amount of resorces and the object is simple: invaders must get to the island defenders must stop them. defenders and attackers alike both only have control of planes but on the Jap (defenders) side one plane choice is kamakaze and basicaly the object is to fly them into the landing support ships the American (though there are British Hurricanes flying under a US flag so not entirely correct as we only sold huricanes to Russia,but any way theyre the attackers) role is to protect said ships. the game is won by defeating the landings, succeeding in landings or by killing off the enemies resorce pool.

Next up is Island capture and though i havn't played all the different modes so far this is the best. The object is to capture the most small islands on a map that has from 4-7 islands. How you go about it is up to you but the choices range from landing marines, parachuting men in, or just bombarding the base on said island (which is what you have to take out to make the island yours) with ships, bombers ect. Both teams are trying to do this and once captured the command centre on the island is then yours and has a very limited artilery/anti air battery which you can use for defence if nothing else is in the area. Games on this mode are best played over a long period (i think the options are 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hours) because it isnt a game you can play quickly and in some case it may take a good ten minutes to steam your ship to the bottom of the map. Units are on a points based system and cost points to open. If any units are destroyed the points are returned so that you can then replace the unit you lost. Unlockables in the single player (though i wont spoil it for those who havn't yet brought it) can be used in this mode at the hosts discretion. All in all this an excellent addition to this franchise and will keep you hooked for some time (nazi zombies have been relegated back to my games shelf lol). If you like your strategy you will love this game.