Maybe it is a nice shooter, but don't call it simulation!

User Rating: 5 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
I admit I haven't played BS too much, but after a couple of hours spent playing, I realized that it is not battlefield simulation but simply a shooting game (perhaps even a very good and addictive one). The combat model used in the game is a simplistic one, especially if you compare the naval battles simulations like the old "Great Naval Battles" series or to the realistic WW2 infantry simulations (Red Orchestra comes to my mind), not to mention WW2 flight simulators such as "IL-2 Stuhrmovik".

I am simply saying this, as a precaution for those of you who read that this is WW2 battle stations simulator - it is not a simulator. So if you are looking for a simulation try other games, if you are simply looking for having fun in the WW2 scenery, then probably go for it, especially since you can find it the bargain bin of your local store.