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What Gamespot Users have to say about Battlestations: Midway

  • User Rating 6.1

    No re-playability.

    Rated on May 10, 2007 by dores893

    Save your money. This game suffers from several major flaws: short campaign, no sandbox mode, no scenario editor, and very limited joystick compatibility (try going from Microsoft Flight Simulator X ...

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  • User Rating 5.7

    Not as what I imagine before!!!

    Rated on June 11, 2007 by _Alpha_Omega_

    Sometimes when you look in commercial, it will more value the game rather than you try it by your self! This game have a difficulties in controling the ship, esp. airplanes! Maybe when you mean to ...

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  • User Rating 5

    "Battlestations: Midway strikes just the right balance..."<br /> Sure thing, if you're an octopus.

    Rated on June 21, 2008 by kailii

    The thing that Battlestations Midway (BSM) and octopusses have in common is the sheer number of limbs required to have fun, roughly around 8 i'd estimate for BSM while knowing nothing about octos. ...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    Easy to play, fun to play and way too short.

    Rated on June 26, 2008 by humancalledBob

    I really enjoyed this one. Sure the graphics are no Silent Hunter 4 and it is arcade play and not sim and the cut scenes are way better than game play and...and...and. But it was easy to manage ever...

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  • User Rating 8.2

    Jogo muito bom, diferente do usual, poderia ser um pouco mais longo no single-player.

    Rated on July 04, 2007 by Wolverine646

    Uma boa supresa em termos de simulatores de batalhas, parece um dos simuladores mais abrangentes, e com a maior imers&atilde;o que j&aacute; vi, otimo jogo aonde colocar o jogador no comando direto do...

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  • User Rating 5

    The basic concept is enjoyable: but the execution isn&acute;t even half-assed

    Rated on July 24, 2007 by dertinmann

    I thought that the concept was so good they could not possibly fudge this one up, but they did. Simply puy you get very little to play with: a few missions with a carrier or a battleship. Throw som...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    Impressive Game

    Rated on July 30, 2007 by Alkpaz

    I have to say I had low hopes for this game, but the more I played the more the game entertained me. Sure the missions can be long and one false step can lead to an hour of progress to be wasted. But ...

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  • User Rating 1

    Horrible Support!

    Rated on August 07, 2007 by maka307

    Eidos has horrible support for the game. I have an error while installing the game and I have had a support ticket submitted for a week and they still haven't gotten back to me. Horrible Support! They...

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  • User Rating 5.5

    So much potential - So little delivered!

    Rated on August 28, 2007 by HaqDeluxe

    I have always enjoyed sea battle sims that were more game than simulation. Harking back to Jutland for sheer playability yet challenging (you run everything) like Harpoon. That was the mix we seemed...

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  • User Rating 8

    Battlestations: Midway is a great Naval Simulator.

    Rated on September 23, 2008 by Star_Wars117

    Story: Your A rising captain in the navy. drive your ships and planes in diffrent battles and kill those nasty japs. Missions: Bomb This,Escape from this. pretty much kill and moving from point a t...

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