A game that is done right ! Highest possible recommendation !

User Rating: 10 | BattleForge PC
Once in a while comes a game comes out that just sinks you in. Battleforge is one of those games….
It is everything magic the gathering should have been on a PC and more. Its game play mechanics are similar to magic but the concept is taken light years further by actually letting you play and see the actions of your card in real time in the game thru a RTS style of gameplay.

The game is an hybrid of many games but it is done extremely well. It has the cartoony look of WOW and the game play of many RTS game with dazzling super special effects thrown in the mix. At first glance you will think that it is a game for kids but it is not entirely the case. If you get pass by the cartoony graphics you will see that it is based on magic the gathering which usually pleases different range of ages from kids to mature people but done better and much smarter.

Highest possible recommendation. Because of the idea and how it is done.


Fantastic graphics

Well designed UI

Easy to play.

Wide variety of units to play with as well as wide range of cards.

Very in depth game with many intricate systems to help you play and have fun.

Super visual effects.

Highly addictive

Good start up tutorial

Highly detailed units and environments.

Huge amounts of different video settings so that you can play on almost any machine.

God rays!!!!

Cloud shadows!!!


Can become a money sink because you have to buy booster packs to have different parts of the game or units or spells. You do not have to buy and play with the basic cards that you receive with the game.

Success of the game will depend on how committed the developers are in pushing updates to the game and providing cards and maps for the game or content.

Price gauging might and will happen in auction house. ( see auctions )

No single player campaign

Have to be online to play.

Matchmaking can be a pain.