One the best Sonic games I've ever played,period.

Let's make this simple and start off by saying,go buy this game.I don't care who you are,buy this game!Sonic moves at a nice fast past ripping his way through crowds of enemies (I like to imagine their the idoit from IGN who ripped on Sonic Unleashed).Now being that this game was the sequel to Secret Rings let's talk about the biggest flaw in that game,the controls.In Black Knight the controls work perfectly.The button set up is great and I've never have had any problems with the motion controls either!The graphics are amazing considering this is the Wii we're talking about here and The cutscences look great too,they combine the Storybook style from Secret with more movement perfectly!The gameplay is a perfect blend of Speed and fun motion controlled sword play.Each level has it's own setting and gimmick.My only problem,it's a bit too easy and some of the bosses are "meh".At a certain point in the story you gain the ability to play through the levels as Blaze, Knuckles, and Shadow each with their own fighting style, which is a awesome addition to the game.You can also play as them in a really fun Mario Party style Multi-Player game mode.The story is a bit basic,however thanks to a great use of sonic characters, beautiul cutscences, and a cool plot twist it keeps you entertained till the end of it all!However by far the best thing about this game is the Soundtrack.Two new Crush 40 songs and a bunch of other great tunes makes this one of the best Sonic soundtracks ever and that's saying something.

Controls - 5/5
Story - 4.8/5
Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay - 5/5
Music - 6/5 (TIME PARADOX!)
Overall - 9.7 (or in Gamespot's rating system,a 9.5)

A great game hindered by a few slight problems with the story and the fact that's it's too short and abit too easy makes it fall slightly short of being a perfect game!