A second serving of badness!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
What could have easily been a rehash of the original game turns out even better than its predecessor. Gone is the surprise of humor in a war game, yet the fun factor remains.

In BAD COMAPNY 2, every aspect has been elevated to a superior level: the game levels, the weapons, the vehicles, the gameplay, the sounds, the graphics, etc., including what can be « tactically destroyed ». Gratefully, the AI is more of a challenge this time around. Heck, even the environment can be a danger to you on some levels...

Put simply, this is an even much badder (read: better) game that rocks and can only leave you wanting more!

Pros: Gorgeous graphics that can be destroyed, incredible outdoor and indoor sound effects, very cool gameplay.

Cons: Really, I can't find any major faults except I could've played a few more missions.

WOW moment(s): Numerous, but the frigidly cold level really stands out.