A fine tuning of the Bad Company 2 formula that works out quite well

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam PS3
The new Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC makes no radical changes to the game but still manages to fell completely different. The sniping that dominated the vanilla game is gone unless you are you guessed it recon class.

All four of the new maps are excellent. The force you to get close to the other players and always keep you on your toes. Hill 137 is the best map from this and the main game. You can use any strategy you want and still be successful. It also looks truly gorgeous with a vast burning hillside. And the twists and turns will take you numerous games to master.

My biggest complain about BF BC2 Vietnam is that it doesn't rest the levels or have unlock able guns. All the guns are available to start, which feels off since this DLC is so different from the main game. Also starting fresh level wise would have been refreshing after nine months of playing the main game.

One other complaint that is brought up from the now close quaters combat is that it creates very short lives. Death happens quickly in Vietnam and lives that last for more then a minute and a half should be considered long.

The visuals are grittier and the language fouler in this truly fit expansion to the Battlefield series. The 60s music sets a more relaxed mood in the middle of the fight and seems completely out of place in a good way. Overall this is a great different feeling shooter that will keep you playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 for many more weeks to come