Great singleplayer, with a solid multiplayer component.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
Bad Company starts takes place with a company that suddenly stumbles on something big on a military mission. With all the different personalities and actually a fun and good story spent on the singleplayer it makes for a great singleplayer story. The multiplayer doesn't lack anything either with a progression system and a lot of destructable enviroments that makes for dynamic gameplay.

The bad:
The graphic does take a hit in this game and does have framerate issues. If you don't care for the greatest graphics this won't be something to take notice of. But some may take notice.
Some of singleplayer events might be annoying with smaller glitches and sometimes quick time/live scenes events taking you out of the experience.
The multiplayer might feel a little familiar to most. The multiplayer does offer detructable enviroment, but doesn't really have anything new than any other shooter when it comes to multiplayer.

The Good:
The singleplayer really gives you a lot of options to approach the situation. Not forcing the player to choose just some random weapon the character is assigned. But actually choosing a weapons the level and what the player wants. The levels are linear, but don't feel linear as it actually might be.
The gameplay itself is really solid and does give the player enough to choose from in multiplayer and singleplayer.
The story is really solid in singleplayer and gives the player a story full of action story. With funny one liners and some great voice acting, it gives the story depth and purpose.
The level design is well done and never feels forced and gives the player enough variety to actually be a good change of pace instead of the constant gun shooting.

It's a great shooter with really great singleplayer with humor and depth and a multiplayer that is solid but doesn't really add whole lot to formula, but is still fun to play. I would recomend this to anyone that is a fan of shooters to explore and some that haven't really tried the genre out yet.