Battlefield bad company 2 is a very great game indeed,,its was fun for hours,,enjoyed it very much,,though..

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360

could be some more variety though,,very much the same,,not al lthe time but ofte n enough;p,,

hello there;

Who would have thought that the follow up to ; great classick battlefield game could turn out like this;p;DD^^

++ singelplayer was phun but slightly repetative,,but the dialogs was funny and many things going on made it just great enough,,


++ awesome graphcis and much to do,,

++ options,,camera all nice,,superb;),,

++ nice tutorial,,smart and clever missions;D,,

++ great voice actions,,

++ huge arsenal,,the sound of the weapons and the warfights,,exelent;),,

++ A+ a different spinn on a battlefield game,,exelent;)

++ great multiplayer ;D;))^^,,,,..

++ outstanding,,arts,,and textures,,sprites etc;D;))

now minuses,,

,,-- a little linear and predictable,,only thing not predictable is the dialogs and how u progress in the game via chats and the dialogs,,which lead to this and that