Quitting BF3 - looking for BBC2 players

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courtesy of EA's greed and introduction of the game spoiling farce that is rent-a-server i'm quitting bf3.

if youre up for plying bbc2 (preferably with a mic) please add me as a friend (and simply quote BBC2 (or similar) in the invite).


BBC2 was allways awesome fun so will look forward to playing again

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Yeah man cool, what is your online id though?

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I'm playing Bad Company 2 again, but it's on the Playstation 3.

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i'm with you, my man. i'd tell you to add me, but you probably wouldn't want to play with a 14-year old.

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The xbox 360 servers are apparently being shut down. Its impossible to join a quick game in the map of your choice anymore - you have to choose "any" map and just join wherever the group you get attached to is at in their cycle. Shame, because this is still a great game. Theres no auto balancing, either, so you used to be able to join games with a squad with ease. There are so few servers right now, that if you form a squad of four, you will not be able to find a squad deathmatch game. Still a great game, tho.

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not sure how to say this but am thinking of getting this instead of **** more pocket gouging BF3. are there people on playstation servers ? ya think more people like yourselves are reverting back to this? i'm usually an rpg kinda guy , but the lack of quality in coding , and i'm just sick of dungeon diving and all that jazz. thanks PSN > revs0up ( thats a zero )
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I still BFBC2 often, i fine it much better than BF3

Add me on PC: DeadZone202

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I still play BFBC2 a lot I fine it much better than BF3


Add me on PC DeadZone202

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i bought it , lol see you all there eventually
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I'm always playing, Tried BF3, thought it was full of COD wanabees, sold it and came back to this. Had some great times lately as he server number seem to have been cut back and they always seem full.

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I quit playing and got into real life playing...(airsofting to be exact) and i use guns from the games http://www.airsplat.com/documents.asp?Link=battlefield-bc-2
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Seriously, an airsoft plug?? Lame.

I'm still playing BC2, though I moved on to BF3 because I couldn't find many players. My GT is Peanutbag if anyone is interested in playing!