Will online be better on X1?

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So I've been hearing about a lot of ps4 online match problems. Many people get dc'd or can't connect at all. Will XBL handle this better? Or have the same issues? Anyone know?

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I have yet to finish a map, the server has crashed during play every time, and the filters don't work when searching for a game if I add any filter I get no results. And when you try to join a server that has spaces the vast majority of the time it replies that the server has no available commander slots even though you haven't tried to join as the commander.

Basically its shit. It needs a patch ASAP

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I had BF4 on 360 and did the upgrade with gamestop. And I am glad I did. It is a TOTALLY different game! The graphics are awesome and the 64 player matches are unreal. The second assault pack with the "reimagined" maps from BF3 are even better than the originals. I cannot wait for the china rising DLC to drop. And now for the question referring to performance on the X1. I got the console at midnight launch with BF4 and it worked flawlessly. Then the next evening when more and more started playing the dropped games, server search issues started coming up.
But I have to say it seems to be calming down from what I can see anyway. I would expect it to be hammered out very soon just be patient with a really cool game.

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Was just playing BF4 on PS4 loving it a lot except i am now getting booted out of the games with some error and it's quite frankly very annoying!

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@Solid_Max13: yea PS4 and X1 have had launch issues that's why they have a week long double XP to calm everyone down. But they should have stabilized the game first. I'm hoping it is soon because the game is the best out there (when it works).

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I love the Battlefield franchise but this game has been a disaster for me. My progress on the campaign was deleted twice and I might be lucky to connect to game online if I sit there for 10 minutes trying but it's all for naught as I'll get booted back to dashboard before the game ends. Better patch this soon or I'll be returning it,.