What spec? PC Upgrade of PS4?

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@ Hi guys,

I am not sure which way to go with this. I do hesitate between upgrading my GPU or buying PS4 to play Battlefielf 4 at playable frame rates. My current PC is two years old. It is:

i7 at 2.93 Ghz; 6 GB RAM; ATI HD 5850 , Mainboard: P7H57d-7 evo.

If I have to buy new GPU it would be GTX 770 or ATI HD 7970 Ghz edition. Would those graphic cards be compatible with my PC. My board is supporting PC Express 2.0. I heard that those new GPU are working on PCI Express 3.0. IS PCI 2.0 compatible with 3.0 cards? Also do you think that I would have to upgrade anything else?

There will be new Radeons R9s coming out later this month. This is also an option.

The next possibility is to buy PS4 and save myself all the compatibility problems.

Could someone who knows the stuff try to answer whether my current PC work well with new GPU to play B4 onultra settings and whether PC upgrade is better than PS4 purchase.

On my current specs B4 run really choppy.

Thank you for looking into my post and finding answer to my dilema.

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with my 7850 (there's like 10% diff with your 5850 or something like that)I had lag spike at hight

yes a PCI express 3.0 card can work work with a PCI express 2.0 slot.

if you can get a 7970, try to get a 3gb one, it will do the jobs for sure,

(idk about the R9s, didn't see benchmark..I guess if it's better, I would go for the R9s.)

and the beta is kind of lagy, just saying you might just need to update your drivers.

idk about your cpu should be fine i guess

8gb of ram would be better but not needed

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my recommendation is to get a R9 280X(which is a HD 7970 GHZ) or an actual HD 7970 GHZ edition whichever you find cheaper or have better cooler, etc

PC Express 3.0 vs PC Express 2.0 have zero impact on performance, for current gen gpu's

I assume you have a Core i7-870 at stock speed right? OC it to 4GHz.

BF4 is beta so it is not the performance that you are going to get with the final version, in BF3 a i7-4GHz & HD7970GHZ get 60fps with ultra settings and 4xAA at 1080p

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Hi Thank you for your advice. I have gone for R9 280x the one from the below link:


Yes my CPU is set set up at the factory speed and it is i7-870 . its current speed is 2,93 Ghz. Can I really overclock it to 4Ghz without the fan replacement etc. I am quite new to the whole idea of overcklocking and would be afraid to tweak volage settings.

I hope that the GPU will fit my desktop. I measured my old card ant it is about 10 inches long. The new might be about 11 inches long. I hope it fits. My case is a standard size.

Is it easy to overclock CPU?


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Teaching yourself, or taking someone's word for what to do and how to do it in an open forum, about overclocking stuff in your PC is like teaching yourself, our getting public advice on how to successfully disarm explosive devices. You MAY get the overclock right; more likely, you'll be wrong. In this instance that will mean some components you really need will be fried, and the fine folks who advised you won't have to worry about the hassle and expense; YOU WILL. Willing to risk that?

Get on the web run some searches for cpu/overclocking.......................watch your @$$ and don't get on some shaky web site where you can pick up god only knows what virus! Do some reading...............then decide if yu want to try overclocking. A much better option is to go to a tech savvy friend/associate you trust , and see if they're willing to supervise you the first couple times so you don't fry any of your gear. Three good/safe resource site links below:




Good luck!