Well next gen on a rather bad start

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I just got a ps4 a few days ago, I like the console itself but it's the games that really piss me off. Last gen had a better starting lineup in my opinion and this is right after the ps2/xbox era so was understandable new hardware....however this aint extremely brand new advanced hardware, I think this was just bad marketing and rushing games that weren't meant to be released but forced to.

I bought this for the pc and realized it's broken could never get online and frankly my pc apparantly cant handle the engine or something was very laggy low fps even though just last year my comp was a very good computer that could play all the best at the time. I'm thinking they just didn't design it well enough for computers to run it efficiently it takes more resources than it should.

I dont regret getting my ps4 but there are no good games to get with it, I got ac4 black flag but I am not impressed with that game at all it doesn't feel or play like next gen hardware at all, only thing I like about that game is the battleship parts.

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Not even a response yup this site is dead.

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I feel you. I told my friend the very same on the phone a few minutes ago. It's a shame.