Trying to make a decision whether to buy this game

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It's a difficult decision because I have a different taste from what most reviews talk about:

  • I hate dynamic maps, I hate getting shot in the back because some recon has sneaked all the way around the map. I like static and predictable combat fronts. Like that of right rush maps.
  • I hate guns, obviously I also use guns myself, but I prefer things like noob tubes, grenades and spray and pray tactics even as a veteran player from every BF game in the past.
  • Once again, I HATE DYNAMIC MAPS, I hate squad sneaking around and spawning suicide harassment behind my base. If only there is a map with just two uncappable spawns each of which is in unreachable area of the other team connected with a moderate portion of urban environment.
  • and no, I hate counter strike or call of duty because there is too much emphasis on guns.
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@1096bimu: Then go fucking play ragnarok online or something.

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OP: What games DO you like?

There is no way in hell you are a 'veteran' battlefield player. You may of played them, but I seriously doubt you were ANY good at them, especially if you consider 'spray and pray' and heavy explosive use as a 'tactic'. 'Dynamic' maps have been a staple of the series since its inception, so why you think it'd be anything but is just amazing.

Honestly, just get out.