SRAW Weapon Review & How-To Guide (The Best Engi Tool?)

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I love the SRAW so much. As an infantry (primarily) player, there are very few things as annoying than just getting utterly destroyed by vehicles over and over again (especially air). Enter the SRAW. Easily the most complex of the Engineer's tools, but easily that with the most utility. Four methods of hitting its target mixed with a solid amount of damage, the SRAW can take on land, sea, and air vehicles as well as infantry and simply used to destroy walls for creating flanking routes. This has quickly become my primary tool for the Engi class and I've started to rack up the kills with it and taken out many vehicles with it. I know that this review has been very informal in that I don't have any hard stats or numbers, but I'll likely take another look at it down the road and do a proper review.