PC Version of Battlefield 4 with wireless 360 controller

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I just wanted to ask is the campaign of Battlefield 4 on the pc version playable with the xbox 360 wireless controller?

Are the quicktime events much of a problem on the pc version?

I've heard it only shows mouse and keyboard keys so on a controller you're not going to know what to press which would be a major pain in the ass.

Also do the quicktime events on pc even work with a controller?

I hate bloody quicktime events but I know they still have them in Battlefield 4.

I have an xbox 360 and a pc and was thinking of getting it on pc but if it's going to be a major hassle playing with a controller I'll probably go with the 360 version.

I want to play the game on my tv comfortably with my xbox 360 wireless controller.

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There's only a few quick time events generally having to mash the 'x' button but you do need a mouse to choose your weapons and for some other menu options. Bloody annoying having to sit in front of the monitor rather than on the sofa playing it on the 46" TV

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@Shadow_Dancer: so you need to go to your mouse when your changing weapons? Why didnt they put it on Y. 360 it is so.