Let's Discuss the Campaign (Heavy Spoilers allowed)

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Ok, I've finished the campaign of BF4 now and as much fun as it was gameplay wise to have that much options and relativley open level design, but who the hell wrote that story?

"Let me show them my face" - War Ends

I mean, seriously? WTF? So, why didn't the guy just show his face to the enemy soldiers right from the beginning and would have stopped the battle at all? Did I miss something? Or have the story writers REALLY become THAT lazy? Was Casey Hudson in Charge AGAIN?

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Yeah, the story was a bit meh haha...I did not really like how the main character was supposed to be the squad leader and yet I never really felt in charge haha. Your character is silent throughout the game, only order you can give really is to engage. It felt like Irish, Pac, and even Hannah were more in charge than the actual squad leader. I didn't expect a great campaign, but I think I did expect a little more than this. I also think it would've been a nice touch if you could've chosen to go down to plant the C4 yourself at the end.