Just an opinion on the Next Gen Shooters

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I was lucky enough to go to the Gamestop expo this year in Las Vegas and get to play both these games on each new next gen. When it comes to which are better PS4 and Xbox One well that all depends on who your faithful with, but when it comes to actual game play these two consoles worked very similar and graphics differences were so minuscule that it actually take hours and hours to find a large difference. Now when it comes to the actual games Ghosts comes with a whole new attitude but yet similar game play, a lot easier to die and lots more campers. Also one thing the maps have become larger on Ghosts which makes it little harder to find other players. COD faithful players will definitely enjoy this next gen game but I highly suggest investing in a really good headset, they have made footsteps a lot louder in this game giving you advantage to hear whats nearby. Now BF4, also a really solid game yet offer a larger scale maps and in game players, camping will also be an issue in this game due to large maps. I BF4 weapons seem to be a lot easier to use and most with less recoil, but this game you will definitely need to use you more tactical play due to run in gun for me seemed impossible, and also base raping is definitely a continued issue. Remember this is just my opinion of getting to play both, both systems seem great and I feel both Sony players will be happy along with Xbox players. When it comes to games I feel they both are pretty much what your used to playing if you faithful to COD get Ghosts if BF4 then get that. I'm not here to bash on any games or console just putting actual game play opinion out there. I personally am going with BF4 because of the large scale battles and being ex SF I feel this game gives more of a true feel.

3 more days and we all get to put some skills to the test see you in there, PSN - Harry_Chesicals.