Join game as Squad

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I noticed this was removed in BF4 beta, but from what I'm hearing it's also gone in the actual game itself?!? I will not be home until later tonight to play, but can anyone confirm you can no longer join a game as a squad like you could in BF3??

If this is actually gone I'm completely baffled as to why DICE would remove this from the game, it was a great feature and awesome way to join a server together...

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You're not alone. There is an already decently long thread over at the Battlelog forums at the BF4 site.

It's pretty messed up that we're not able to join a team based multiplayer game with our friends (a team) as a squad.

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They also messed up the server browser for consoles as well... You now have to scroll all the way to the bottom (which takes forever) when before you were able to tab through pages and go directly to the last page. I understand DICE had to change some things to make this feel like a sequel, but why fix was isn't broke?!?

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Not to mention you can't set up your soldier equipment anymore outside of the battle. It's amazing, they had this feature in the PS3 version of BF3 right from the start, and didn't add it into the PC Version until there was a massive protest about it. And now they forget it AGAIN?!