Is Battlefield 4 the best selling game of year 2013?

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I wonder if this year, Battlefield 4 can be the dethroner of all triple A titles games including GTA V, COD Ghosts. Please share your views and outlook for battlefield 4. Only sales matter. Dont give me bullshit about other things. Thank you. Please respect the purpose of this post. I know alot of people will say sales is not a judge of the game, but my question is will bf4 sales outsell other triple A title this year, why?

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I don't think BF4 will outsell GTA V, The reason is GTA V has a massive fanbase and its genre appeals to a lot of people (who doesn't love a free roam world where you could do almost anything?) and GTA V also had a massive advertising campaign so that even people who haven't played GTA games before wanted it.

But I'm sure BF4 would outsell COD if the people finally realized that COD ghosts is still in the previous gen along with Modern warfare 3. Although, there is a possibility COD ghosts could still outsell BF4 given that the COD fanbase still hasn't gotten sick of playing the same game every year.

In the end, it all boils down to the hype created by the developers/publishers prior to game release. And the trailers and beta of BF4 have created a substantial amount of hype but not enough to beat GTA V in sales.

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I doubt it. I also think COD will outsell battlefield (unfortunately) - there are more kids with picket money and wealthy parents then there are 20-40 year old workers who can afford to buy it at full price imho.

GTA on the other hand is of a different genre, so I don't really think you can compare the two. To me, it's like comparing sales of any FIFA game to a BF game of the same year - not very plausible.

Like the poster above said, the marketing campaign of any produce your releasing matters hugely in sales! Its even more evident in the film industry. I'm never interested in the Paranormal Activity films but all the hype surrounding them each time round (same with the SAW series) makes me want to watch them while they are in the cinema, so I can join in with all the chat. Then theres people who just buy them at a reduced price - all counting toward overall sales!

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There's no way it'l outsell GTA5, I don't even think it'l outsell cod.

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I doubt Battlefield 4 will be able to pass the numbers that GTA 5 is getting in terms of sales and I have my doubts that it will outsell CoD.

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BF4 is based on a lie. All these youtube guys were trumping the fixes and changes that were coming in the game like server side hit detection and so on. Its still the same, worse than bf3. Its unplayable.

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Even Assassin's Creed IV might outsell BF 4.

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The game is fixed now, mostly. I will say this, it is an improvement and I will rescind my statement on the lie. COD Ghosts is based on a lie though!

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BF4 will suffer from promises made and all mistakes their publisher EA (Medal od Honor Warfighter) made in the past. Maybe BF4 will be considered equally sucessful like BF3 in half a year from now, but fewer people will pay EA's eacapades in advance by purchasing Premium as well. I think GTA and CoD will sell better by far.

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It weird how people bashes ghosts here being out of topic.

Both are different games, and I don't see how one is better than the other. For the record Ghosts looks better than BF4.