I don't mind another BF game coming out so soon..

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I think it's actually great.

but what concerns me is " Battlefield 4 " now THAT'S weird.. I mean seriously, don't they know that almost NO players want that? coulden't they go with 2143 or my (and my brothers) favorite idea would be a WWII?


that's sad to me..


what will still make me buy this is different armies. return the BC2 knifing mechanism because in BF3 the knifing is completely useless and I mean completely.. unless you ran out of bullets, switched to your pistol and wasted all your bullets there aswell and someone happened to be close to with and also happened to have less then 50% health, knifing would have been effective.


I want to fight with the Chinese! or fight terrorists with Israel would be even better ;P

but PLEASE don't make this another US vs RU game, I will NOT buy it

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Or better yet they can make a game that has. USA,Russia,EU,MEC,US Navy Seals, SAS,insurgents and more. You know like a Battlefield game and its expansion that came out back in 2005 lol.

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yup that would obviously be better

but what worries me about this is that DICE/EA said when they annouced BF4 that " Battlefield 3 is just the beginning of the story" So I just hope that the story doesn't continue with only the Russians..

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If Russia and America keep fighting on such a scale and the future games will have the same storyline I wonder if by BF5 they will be fighting with sticks and stones :P

JK but I would love to see more factions in the game oh and DICE it's ok to have a battle without the USA in it kind of like we had EU VS China battles in BF2 on the Xbox 360.