I could run bf3 on medium to high...

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How much trouble would my rig have with this? GTX 460....I actually don't remember the other specs...haven't been with the computer in a while.

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Full specs would probably be needed, since your video card cannot run the game by itself.

It was running fine for me with a GTX 560 Ti, your 460 isn't as good.

It would have been helpful for you to play the open beta so you could see how your machine worked out.

Could always do http://www.systemrequirementslab.com but that will only give you an idea, not a definitive answer.

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If you were able to play battlefield 3 on high settings without lagging, then you should be able to play battlefield 4 just fine on medium settings. If you played the beta and did experience any lag or fps drops, it was probably a driver issue as even people with high end systems experienced these issues. Hopefully the final release will be much smoother than the beta.

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Hey, i had this result in Catzilla. Will battlefield 4 run on my PC?

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What's your PC's full specs?? Keep in mind even the PlayStation 4 has it locked at 1280x720p it's a next generation game.

I've been playing it at Ultra Detail resolution at 1920x1080p.

The game gets my 8 core CPU and Geforce 680 running very warm. It really looks great but does require some power.

If your in Win8 you will need atleast 8gb of system memory 16Gb is best.

Win7 can probably be good at 4gb and 8gb for best results.

This all depends on what processor your using and what type of HDD's you are running as well. AMD's latest CPU's will perform better than Intel CPU's this is due to the fact both Next Gen consoles are Powered by AMD.I know it's an older post figured he may come back. He'll have a answer.

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a 460 will run battlefield 4 at Medium/High settings fine with no AA.

You might want to OC the GPU a bit tho.